Professional Development & Coaching

Maximize Learning, Inc., delivers professional development and coaching to educators with concepts such as: student engagement, strategies for poverty-stricken students, literacy for all ages, deeper learning, and many more!  All sessions are based on the most recent research, cognitive science, your state standards (including Common Core), the focused grade levels, and the needs of your teachers – each workshop is customized to meet your needs!

LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed., founder and CEO, gives you the “whole package”.  She always listens first, then works to customize and personalize your event based on exactly what you and your staff/students need.  She models every skill for your staff to show HOW it’s done.  She shares real stories and examples from real schools to drive strong, grade-level achievement. This approach means you get passionate, engaging and highly practical and relevant training that your staff can implement immediately to raise student learning.

“LeAnn’s ability to communicate with teachers and assess the educational and emotional needs of a student is outstanding.”

Meet LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed.

Published author and co-author of 14 books on Educational Research and Practices.

“What a privilege I have to work with schools to raise student engagement, joy, and achievement. Teaching and learning will get so much easier when we plan and use the most powerful, evidence-based strategies.” ~ LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed.

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Customized Sustained Professional Development
helps leaders create a plan to help students achieve!

What Does Your School Need?

LeAnn provides high-energy, whole-day or break-out session trainings that infuse cutting-edge research, relevant content, and engaging, deeper-learning opportunities for teachers.

School-Wide Learning Walks help teachers learn to transfer the workshop content into daily instructional practices. Learning Walks also show leaders how school goals, initiatives, and important instructional practices are being implemented. This extremely positive approach that all teachers engage in and receive Thank You notes from the observers. LeAnn helps the staff take that data to determine school’s next steps in student achievement.

SMART goals creation after Learning Walks to help leaders determine actionable steps to maximize learning.

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A Customized Approach for Powerful Coaching

LeAnn observes the teachers in their classroom and with Grade level, PLC or other small group coaching opportunities, she helps teachers reach their goals, reflect on the training, and improve their effect on student achievement.

Lesson plan coaching sessions help schools transfer the learning from workshops directly into their classrooms. One-on-One coaching or small group coaching help move teachers forward faster.

Based on school data and Learning Walks, LeAnn helps leaders create a 1-5 year custom Professional Development plan to fit the school or district’s needs.