LeAnn’s Coaching Series 5-Day Training will empower your leaders to coach teachers to more powerful instruction, leading to higher student achievement. This series is spread out throughout the school year, so leaders can practice what they've learned in the trainings and receive personalized feedback from LeAnn. NOW that's Powerful Coaching!

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The Power of Coaching for Student Success: A Journey of Growth!

Coaching is the number one tool for transfer of learning from a training to the classroom. This amazing journey has proven to help teachers effectively and consistently implement best practices into their classrooms to raise student achievement. LeAnn explains and leads participants to process the following in this workshop:

  1. What is coaching and its big picture?
  2. What does it look like?
  3. Why take the time for coaching?
  4. What are the strategic steps in coaching?
  5. How do we build positive relationships with those we coach?

This foundational and motivating workshop will get every coach excited and empowered about the coaching process.  They in-turn create a binder that helps organize the valuable content from the series into manageable strategic resources for later use.

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Getting Teachers on Board with Growth and Change

One of the steps in effective coaching is helping teachers choose a goal to work towards achieving. In fact, coaching won’t work if there isn’t a goal to “coach toward.” LeAnn shares the details about helping teachers create a SMART GOAL that is specific, measurable and based on student needs. Schools or districts create Criteria for Effective Teachers, so that goals can be created more easily and are fully aligned to where they are going (sometimes based on observation criteria or past workshops LeAnn has delivered to the district/school).

LeAnn draws from many examples to form this Criteria for Success platform. Then, LeAnn concludes this workshop with Change Theory and Growth Mindsets, so that coaches will have these powerful tools to help teachers become more intrinsically motivated to want to change. Coaches create their own coaching goals and choose a partner coach to work with during the series. They will coach each other toward qualitative growth!

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Powerful Tools Coaches Need to Move Teachers Forward

Feedback is the power tool that moves instruction forward. In order to grow and learn more, we must receive specific feedback. LeAnn communicates that the most powerful feedback to teachers comes from:

  1. The questions coaches create.
  2. Videos that are played back (if teacher agrees).
  3. Classroom data from the visit.
  4. Silence after a question.
  5. Clarifying statements and explanations if teacher invites coaches to do so.

It’s a non-judgmental process that helps the teachers do the thinking and draw their own conclusions about where they are with their goals.

LeAnn helps coaches create a set of pre-conference and post-conference questions for teacher goals and explains the power of active listening during coaching sessions. Coaches are then supported through engaging in activities and simulations throughout the workshop that put into practice these valuable skills.

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Going from a Good Coach to a Great Coach!

By now, coaches have been practicing everything they have learned to move teachers forward with student achievement strategies and tools. This workshop will challenge them to think about uncomfortable situations that have occurred during their coaching sessions and reflect on what they could have done differently. LeAnn helps with problem solving during this workshop by participating in scenarios and self-assessments.

Coaches will take two self-assessments to see where their questioning, listening and feedback skills are currently and reflect on how to move them forward.  Then they go much deeper exploring Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence.

If we want to become GREAT Coaches, we must grow and improve ourselves first! Coaches will create new goals for themselves and meet with their partner coaches for a session practicing everything we’ve learned.

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Better Conversations Built on Empathy and Trust

Want to have such powerful conversations with your students, other teachers, parents, administrators, friends and family that are life-giving and move the people forward faster?  Then you will want to participate in this engaging workshop to help you become a drastically better listener, questioner, paraphraser, and conversationalist.

Participants learn the importance of listening and demonstrating empathy, which is a key component to the foundation of trust. All great relationships are built on trust. Growth and achievement among schools must also share in that trust.

The workshop ends with a powerful piece about growing in Emotional Intelligence Skills to be the best you can be so that you can influence others more. This workshop grows all participants (LeAnn included) more than you can imagine…Come and Experience It!