Goal Setting Coaching

4 Steps to Power Goal-Setting: By using data provided from the school and/or from LeAnn’s powerful Assessment Tool, LeAnn plans with the school leaders to determine a 1-5 year professional learning plan that can be easily adjusted toward new data.  After LeAnn guides the school into creating an Instructional Focus statement, she models and explains…


Humility's Effect On Leadership

Humility’s Effect on Leadership

Understanding these qualities of humility and implementing them through school principals, superintendents, or other educational leaders can truly help the whole school grow in tremendous ways. Many schools are concerned about achieving new and higher standards when achievement was not even made against the previous standards. As leaders, we should emulate humility by being open and honest with the journey ahead.

Power Coaching

LeAnn’s Coaching Series 5-Day Training will empower your leaders to coach teachers to more powerful instruction, leading to higher student achievement. This series is spread out throughout the school year, so leaders can practice what they've learned in the trainings and receive personalized feedback from LeAnn. NOW that's Powerful Coaching! Get The Maximize Learning Coaching Assessment…